If the radius is a rational number, the area and circumference will be irrational numbers. What's more, if the area is rational, the radius and circumference will be irrational. And if the circumference is rational, then the area and radius will be irrational. Thus, it is impossible for more than one of the basic metrics -- radius, area, and circumference -- to be a rational number!For further reference look below:


We say that a polynomial vanishes at a point if evaluating it at that point gives zero. Let S be a set of polynomials in k. The vanishing set of S (or vanishing locus or zero set) is the set V(S) of all points in An where every polynomial in S vanishes. In other words,http://mental-maths-trick.blogspot.com/2014/10/math-games-for-4th-grade-kids-which-is.html will serve the purpose.

IMHO, the article needs a discussion of the unity of mathematics, how the same objects appear in apparently disparate fields of inquiry, such as the role of groups in complex analysis (homotopy or homology), geometry, and polynomial equations. (Peirce referred to this as surprising to find the same _____ in an African jungle and the Alaskan Klondike!)

This is a common question everyone asks. After a complete analysis of the many came to think that, yes, this is great, and the easiest person in the world. But this is only for those who understand it better. But what is a good way to understand this complex problem? And the response is sufficient to study the guidelines and the appropriate concentration. But this has not been achieved in their schools. Why do so many students, the teacher cannot give proper attention to a child.

Here is a collection of 40 questions ranging from easy to difficult about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling, the second in the Harry Potter series. It follows Harry, Ron and Hermione through their second year at Hogwarts.

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One of the more remarkable things about a pentagon is something you may have discovered long ago while idly playing with strips of paper. Take a paper strip or piece of ribbon of uniform width and fold it into an overhand knot as tight as you can without deforming the figure, then flatten it. The resulting knot is a perfect regular pentagon.

The work in the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics is more than twenty years ahead of Mathematics as an international discipline. This has been inside information which might now be public.

Generally and obviously, a discipline is not yet qualified to offer its services to customers until after the discipline has demonstrated the same expertise internally. Having organizations' internal and external services match works. The Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics and our network is perfect for driving optimization by osmosis and naturally occurring, real selection processes. Therefore handling the question << what is Mathematics >> is part of this constructive instruction. This exemplifies what Applied Mathematics really is, both in this self-referencing demonstration and explanatory definition update, and in real world ubiquitous application across all disciplines everywhere; therefore we acknowledge Mathematics was previously domesticated partly under Philosophy and partly under Science, and might be correctly understood as a profession under the Institute for Electric and Electronic Engineers, who as an organization has the highest standards in ethics and professional conduct. This Applied Mathematics includes Information Theory and Computer Architecture. Having the discipline Mathematics perfectly located under the IEEE solves all problems related to franchising Mathematics other than my unique personal problem if The Rothschild Family prefers to take me to court for accidental intellectual property theft.

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