3 mark question: 4 lines of working out This will ensure that you show all the steps needed to get full method marks like this making maths more fun review. Don't Cramp your Working Out As candidates write on the Intermediate GCSE Maths exam paper itself, sufficient space is not always provided. Don't be tempted to squash your work into a small space - ask for extra paper. If you are squashing your work in, then it is very common for candidates to leave some steps out ? these steps are frequently the method steps that the examiner needs to see to get the method marks! Watch out for Mixed Units Quite often different units are used to measure quantities in the same question, for example: cm and mm

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-English - reading, writing (including handwriting) and spelling. -Maths - including mental arithmetic. -Science. These tests are taken on set days in mid-May, and should not take more than five-and-a-half hour's altogether to complete.

This leads to creative, confident and intelligent pupils. Vedic  maths is the need of hour due to increasing competition. Research is being carried out in many areas including the effects of learning Vedic Maths on children; developing new, powerful but easy applications of the Vedic Sutras in geometry, calculus, computing etc. It's place of origin is India. Research has proved that Vedic Mathematics has several benefits mention below:-

Passing your GCSE Maths can be a difficult task. Over 40% of students failed their GCSE Maths last summer. So why do so many children fail it? What do they lack in their preparation? Read on to find some pointers on acing your GCSE maths exam...

So hopefully by the end of this you will understand how to use sigma if it ever comes up when you’re doing some maths at school or UNI. It’s quite common in UNI and if you’re like me and your brain isn’t built for maths hope this helps. Have a graphics calculator really speeds up the process to so I will go through how to enter an equation into your calculator. Most people use ti calculators so I will give a little example on how to use sigma on a ti calculator.

These online sources offer absolutely free online maths problems and puzzles to help students enhance their maths skills. They cover numerous topics like numbers, algebra, shape and space, measures, data etc. Every topic is covered with thousand of unique questions in for every topic.

Numicon patterns are arrangements of holes in plastic shapes that correspond to the numbers 1 to 1The pattern of the holes for each number follows the same basic system of arranging holes 'in pairs'. The thing about Numicon is not only does it makes numbers real for children, in terms of they can touch them and see them, it also makes the number relationships real for them because when Numicon patterns are arranged in order, pupils begin to very clearly notice important connections between numbers for instance that each number is one more than the last and one fewer than the next, odd and even numbers and place value. Numicon?s multi-sensory maths approach focusing on oral and mental work inspires children to think mathematically.

Students can make use of such websites and solve online maths questions for free. After solving maths questions and problems, students can get instant answers and figure out their mistakes. DocFairfax also provides correct answers with proper explanation that helps students to analyze their maths knowledge and skills.

Another important issue is memory. Again, an exam is a test of how much you can remember. The more you can remember, the higher the result. It's as simple as that! From past experience, I found that the best (and only) way to improve memory is through repetition. Attempt exam questions over and over again. What you'll notice is, after a while, the methods used will store in your memory banks. Solving these questions will become second nature to you. I emphasise methods because maths questions are generally solved in a methodical (step-by-step) way. So memorize these methods and pass your maths exam with flying colours!

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